Marc Pont Casadevall

Full stack developer (PHP/JS)

I'm a full stack developer since 2013 when I started doing an internship for a little year. I've been working always on a small companies in a very small IT team, sometimes just me. So I had to be self-taught, learning from official documentations, this path has given me the confidence to don't be afraid of new things.

I started working with PHP, going through Wordpress, Codeigniter, Magento2, Symfony and Laravel. Later I became interested in frontend frameworks trying react and vue. In addition I tried style frameworks like tailwindCSS, Vuetify and Quasar.

I always prefer to have separate backend and frontend. Build a REST API on the backend and consume it from the frontend. This provides a lot of flexibility and scalability.

Regarding virtualization I always use docker for development environment. And have some experience using kubernetes to deploy an application made with microservices.

About tests, I always try to prioritize integration or e2e tests and then unit tests. I have always used phpunit for backend. For frontend I have used jest, vitest and cypress.

And of course, git is a must.

Apart from all this I have always been interested in good programming practices, questioning the way things are done.

The preferible goal is code should be readable, maintainable, testable and predictable. To accomplish that I read a lot about clean architectures as DDD and hexagonal architecture.